Keyboard Shortcuts for Lavasoft Adware – {All Hotkeys}

Lavasoft Adware: Lavasoft Adware is an Adware, which is a software developing company that claims to develop spyware and malware detection software. It is a Web companion application for antivirus-type software designed to protect computers from malware infections and privacy branches. This company offers Adware in three editions. It was originally developed, as Adware, in 1999 to highlight Web Bacon inside the Internet Explorers.

In this detailed article, we will learn a list of shortcut keys used in Lavasoft Adware. Please follow the below shortcuts to save your golden time. Let’s get into this article.

Lavasoft Adware
Lavasoft Adware

Last Updated on Jan3, 2022.

Shortcut Keys for Lavasoft Adware:

Shortcuts Functions
Cursor up/down Make use of this key to navigate through the lists.
F5 This key is used to refresh the entire list.
Ctrl+N If you want to jump to the next recognized target, use this key. And this only works if the list contains a recognized suspicious process
Ctrl+P Jump to the previously recognized target, use this key. And this key is used only works if the list contains a recognized suspicious process.
Ctrl+T Used to terminate the currently selected process.


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