Keyboard Shortcuts for IRIS Showcase – {All Hotkeys}

Iris Showcase: The term IRIS Showcase is an integrated drawing and Presentation program that makes you create simple drawings and images. It is used to create simple 2D pictures and 3D models. Iris Showcase has page layout capabilities for creating multiple column spreads. You can also edit the object because IRIS Showcase is an object-oriented program.

Furthermore, it also has an audio tool for importing and recording files and a video tool for displaying a live video and recording out to video. The three windows will appear when you run the IRIS Showcase. The Largest window contains the six pull menus to place objects. A medium Sized window is used for the Master gizmo that contains tools for creating objects. The remaining window for the Status gizmo to print instructions and error messages in this window.

In this article, you will learn about shortcuts used in IRIS Showcase. Use these shortcuts to save your working time.

IRIS Showcase
IRIS Showcase

Last Updated on Jan21, 2022.

IRIS Showcase Keyboard Shortcuts:

In the below table, you will learn about shortcuts and their functions of IRIS Showcase. Kindly, use these shortcuts properly.

Table 1:

Shortcut Function
Alt+B This shortcut is used to make the text bold.
Alt+i Used to make the text italics.
Alt+Backspace It will help you to overstrike the text.
Alt+N Make use of this key to make the plain text.
Alt+E You can edit an object, by using this key.
Alt+E If you want to edit a 3D model, use this key.
Alt+f Use this shortcut to find the text.
Alt+r Helps you find/replace again the text.
Alt+g You can group the objects, by using this key.
Alt+B This shortcut is used to pin and unpin the objects.
Alt+A Used to select all the objects.
Alt+J It will help you to go to the line if you are editing the text block.
Alt+Y It makes the cycle through to rotate snap settings.
Alt+H To turn on and off to rotate handles, use this key.

Table 2:

Shortcut Function
Alt+M Used to switch between the 3D manipulators.
Alt+Z It will help you to zoom the page down/up.
Alt+page down If you want to add a new page, use this key.
Alt+ By using this shortcut, you can pop an object to the top.
Alt+ Helps you to push a subject up one layer.
Alt+N Shortcut for opening a new file.
Alt+S Used to save a file.
Alt+O This shortcut will help you to open/reopen the existing file.
Alt+Q Make use of this key to quit the IRIS showcase.
Alt+P If you want to open the Print gizmo, use this key.
Alt+U Use this shortcut to undo the action.
Alt+C Used to copy the text or object.
Alt+D It will help you to create a duplicate paste.
Alt+V Key to paste the text.
Alt+X This shortcut is used to cut the text.
Alt+I Helps you to force a form feed.
Alt+P Supports you to start a slide show.
It will help you to edit an object.
Use this shortcut to pan or zoom inside the 3D container.


You can use these shortcuts for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Kindly use these shortcuts properly.

From this article, you will learn about “Keyboard Shortcuts for IRIS Showcase“. Thank you for reading this article, if you have any feedback regarding this article, kindly mention them in the comment section.

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