Keyboard Shortcuts for Gang Beasts Game ~ Useful Guide!!

Gang Beasts: It is a multiplayer beat-them-up to party game. It was developed by British indie studio Boneloaf and published by Double Fine Presents. This game aims to control gelatinous characters set in the fictional metropolis of Beef City. This page will show the Keyboard Shortcuts available for the Gang Beasts Game. Let’s get into this article!!

Gang Beasts Game Logo
Gang Beasts Game Logo

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020.

Download Gang Beasts Game Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Gang Beasts.pdf

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Space This key will help to jump
Space It is used to run(hold while pressing in a direction)
Space Helps to sit(Hold while staying still)
M This key will help to kick
Ctrl It helps to duck
Ctrl Helps to crawl(hold)
Ctrl It is used to headbutt
Shift This shortcut key will help to lift
Shift This key is used to taunt
, or
Helps to left punch/grab
. or
This shortcut will help to right punch/grab

Other Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Helps to the next camera angle
It shows the previous camera angle
+ It helps to speed up the game
This key will slow down the game
0 Helps to revert to standard speed
1 or
It helps to spawn pushing or pulling force
3 or
4 or
5 or
6 or
These keys are used for spawn props
Shift+1 or
It helps to show the spawn opponents
F1 This key will toggle day and night

From this article, you can clarify the Keyboard Shortcuts available for the Gang Beasts Game. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with us.

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