Keyboard Shortcuts for Everspace Game ~ Useful Guide!!

Everspace: It is a single-player 3D space shooter game with roguelike elements and non-linear storytelling. This game was developed and published by Rockfish Games. In this tutorial, we will guide you to learn the simple and useful Keyboard Shortcuts available for the Everspace Game. Let’s see them below!!

Everspace Game Logo
Everspace Game Logo

Last updated on Nov 21, 2020.

Download Everspace Game Shortcuts for Offline Study Here:Everspace.pdf

Movement Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
W It helps to move forward
A This shortcut key will strafe left
S It is used to move backward
D Helps to strafe right
Q This key will roll left
E It helps to roll right
Left Ctrl This key will help to strafe down
Space It is used to strafe up
Left Shift or
This shortcut key will help to boost

Weapons and Items Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
This shortcut key will help to fire the primary weapon
It is used to fire the secondary weapon
It will lock the target
1 This key will select the primary weapon
2 It will select the secondary weapon
3 This key is used to select the device
4 It helps to select the consumable

Camera Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt Press and hold this key to rotate the camera
V This key will switch perspective 

Misc Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Z It helps to enter the action freeze mode
Esc or
This shortcut key will show the system menu
Tab It is used to show the in-game menu
H This key will hide/show HUD
F It is used to interact

From this article, you can get some clarification on the list of Keyboard Shortcuts available for the Everspace Game. Hope that this article is useful to you. Kindly, drop your feedback in the below comment section.

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