Keyboard Shortcuts for DuckDuckGo ~ A Complete Guide!!

DuckDuckGo: It is a privacy-focused internet search engine. The service distinguishes itself from other search engines by not profiling its users and showing the same search results to everyone for a given search term. Here, we are going to learn the simple and useful keyboard shortcuts available for DuckDuckGo. Let’s see them below!!


Last updated on Jan 12, 2021.

Download DuckDuckGo Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: DuckDuckGo .pdf

Results Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Enter or
L or
It will go to the highlighted result, or use it right away to go to the first result
d When a result is highlighted, this key will help to domain search

Move Around Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
← → This shortcut key will navigate between tabs
Helps to the next search result
It will help to previous chat
/ or
This shortcut key will go to the search box
T Used to go to the top

From this short tutorial, you can easily learn the simple keyboard shortcuts available for DuckDuckGo. Hope you like it. Mention your doubts/queries in the below comment box. We will assist you. Thank you so much for reading!!

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