Keyboard Shortcuts Available for 9GAG ~ A Complete List!!

9GAG is a Hong Kong-based online platform and social media website. It allows the users to upload and share “user-generated content” or other content from external social media websites. Here, we come up with the list of keyboard shortcuts available for 9GAG. Let’s jump into this article!!


Last updated on Jan 26, 2021.

Download 9GAG Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: 9GAG.pdf

Actions Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F It helps to mark as favorite
R This shortcut key will help to reply
T Used for retweet
M Helps to direct message
N It is used to a new tweet
Enter This key will open the tweet details
L Helps to close all open tweets
Shortcut Function
? This shortcut key will show the keyboard shortcuts list
J It will help to next tweet
K This key will open the previous tweet
Space Helps to scroll one page down
/ It is used for search
. It will load the new tweets

Timeline Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
G then H This key will go to the home page
G then C Helps to connect
G then R Used for mentions
G then D It helps to discover
G then P This key will show the profile
G then F It will open the favorites
G then M Used for messages
G then U This shortcut key will go to the user

In this guide, you can get to know the list of keyboard shortcuts available for 9GAG. Let us know if we missed any shortcut keys. Please state your worthwhile feedback in the below comment section. We will assist you.

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