Keyboard shortcut keys for Trello-{70+} A Complete List!!!

Trello: It is a web-based project management system. Trello includes real estate management, software project management, accounting, web design, and more. In this article, we have listed the Keyboard shortcut keys for Trello. let’s get into this article and learn useful keys.

Trello Logo
Trello Logo

Last updated on April 23, 2021.

Download Trello Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Trello.pdf

General shortcuts:


Shortcut Function
or J
or K
Use this key to navigate cards.
B Helps to open the header board’s menu.
/ It is used to focus the search box.
C Helps to archive card.
D Takes to the due date picker.
E Used as a quick edit mode.
Esc This key will close the menu/Cancel editing.
or ⌘ Cmd+Enter
It is used to save the text.
Enter Helps to open the card.
Shift+Enter This key will use this shortcut while submitting a card to open it immediately after creation
F It is used to open the card filter menu.
L then 19 Helps to label.
L then 1 Applies green color.
L then 2 Used as a yellow color.
L then 3 It will be in orange color.
L then 4 Applies red color.
L then 5 Used as a purple color.
L then 6 It will be in blue color.
L then 7 Applies sky color.
L then 8 Used as a lime color.
L then 9 It will be in pink color.
L then 0 Applies black in color.
; Helps to toggle label names.
M This key will help to add/remove members.
N This key will insert a new card.
or <
or >
Helps to move the card to the adjacent list.
Q Used to toggle my card filter.
S It helps to watch the card.
Space This key will assign itself.
T Helps to edit the title.
V It will vote.
W Use this key to the toggle board menu.
X It is used to clear all filters.
@ Helps to autocomplete a member’s name, username, or initials and get a list of matching members.
# This key will autocomplete labels.
^ It is used to autocomplete position.
? Helps to open the shortcuts page.

In this article, you can understand all the Keyboard shortcut keys for Trello. If you think it is helpful to you, give your feedback in the comment section.

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