Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Siebel – {All Hotkeys}

Siebel: A family of web-based customer relationship management applications from Siebel Systems. It was founded in 1993 by Tom Siebel and Pat House. Earlier, it was known for its sales force automation products. It has multiple functions like facilitating transactional, analytical, and engagement functions to efficiently manage customer interactions. Furthermore, it delivers solutions for,

  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Diagnostic
  • Integration
  • Productivity
  • Mobile Services

In this article, you will learn about Shortcuts used in Siebel. Use these shortcuts to save precious time. Let’s get into this article.


Last Updated on Jan4, 2022.

Record Management Shortcut Keys:

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+N This key is used to create a New Record.
Ctrl+B Used to Copy the Record.
Ctrl+D It will Delete the Record.
Ctrl+S Helps to save the Record.
Ctrl+U or Ctrl+Esc Used to Undo the Record.
Ctrl+A This shortcut will select all records. 

Shortcut Keys for Record Navigation:

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+ Go to the Next Record.
Ctrl+Alt+. Move to the Next Page of Records.
Ctrl+Alt+L This key will navigate you to the Last Page of Records.
Ctrl+ Go to the Previous Record.
Ctrl+Alt+, This key is used to go to the Previous Page of Records.
Ctrl+Alt+F Move to the First Page of Records.

Query Management – Shortcut Keys:

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+Q It will create a New Query
Ctrl+Enter This key will Execute the Query.
Ctrl+R Helps to Refine the Query.

General Navigation Shortcut Keys:

Ctrl+Shift+A Go to the site map.
Ctrl+Shift+F It will Open Search Center.
Ctrl+Shift+R This shortcut will Report the Run. 

Shortcut Keys for Layout Management:

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+Shift+K It defines the Columns displayed.
Ctrl+Shift+O This key is used to define the Sort order.

Online Help Shortcut Keys:

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+Alt+H To open the Online Help.
Ctrl+Alt+K Use this key to help with the Record.
Ctrl+Alt+J Used for Technical Support.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Application Management:

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+Shift+W This Key will connect as a new user.
Ctrl+Shift+X Helps to log out from the application management.

Field Navigation – Shortcut Keys:

Shortcuts Functions
TAB Go to the Next Field.
Shift+TAB Move to the previous field.


In this article, you can understand all the Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Siebel. Thanks for reading this article. If it is useful, leave your feedback in the comment section.

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