Keyboard Shortcut Keys for MindManager – [all Hotkeys]

MindManager: MindManager is the commercial mind mapping application that helps you and your team manage projects and streamline ideas. Using this, you can simplify the way you process and manage the information. The software of mind mapping is developed by Mindjet.

MindManager provides ways for users to visualize the information in mind maps and flowcharts. Furthermore, it has features that allow budget calculations and formulation, Gantt chart views of project timelines, and guides brainstorming.

In this article, we have stated Keyboard Shortcut Keys for MindManager. Use these shortcut keys to save your working time. Let’s get into this article.


Last updated on Mar 21, 2022.

Documents Shortcut Keys:

In the following table, we have listed documents shortcut keys and their functions of MindManager. Please use these shortcut keys carefully.

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+N This shortcut is used to create a new map.
Ctrl+o If you want to open a map, you can use this shortcut.
Ctrl+S It is used to save the current map.
Ctrl+F2 Use this shortcut to make the print preview.
Ctrl+P Help to print the current map.
Ctrl+W In order to close the current map, you can use this shortcut.

In the below table, we have stated navigating shortcut keys and their functions of the MindManager. Kindly use these shortcuts carefully.

Shortcut Function
Arrow Keys These keys are used to nudge the selected topics.
Tab Press this key to select the next topic.
Home It is used to move to the top sibling topic.
End By pressing this key, you can go to the bottom of the sibling topic.
Backspace Use this key to move forward or backward through the topic selection history.


You can use these shortcuts for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Make sure to use these shortcuts carefully to save your working time.

From this article, you get to know about the Keyboard Shortcut Keys for MindManager. I hope this article is helpful. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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