Keyboard shortcut keys for Logo Accounting!!! (Simple List)

 Logo Accounting: Here, this article will guide with the complete list of keyboard shortcut keys for Logo Accounting. Use the shortcut keys for Quick Access!!

Logo Accounting Logo
Logo Accounting Logo

Last updated on April 26, 2021.

Download Logo Accounting Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Logo Accounting.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F1 It is used to help.
F2 Use this key to save.
Ctrl+F2 Helps to save the operation as a suggestion.
F3 Used to cancel.
F5 This key will switch between the current account code field and the receipt line on the receipt and invoice screen.
F9 Helps to open the context menu.
F10 It is used to open listing windows for receipts, invoices, and reports.
F11 Use this key for column setting.
F12 Helps to export to excel wizard.
Alt+F4 This key will close the program.
Ctrl+F Used to search.
Ctrl+L Helps to lock the program. A password will need to unlock.
Ctrl+Page Up/Down It will navigate between tabs in receipts.
Tab Use this key to go to the next field.
Shift+Tab Helps to go to the previous field.
Del It is used to delete the data or card or receipt under the cursor.
Shift+Del In receipts and invoices, it is used to delete lines.
Ctrl+Enter In receipts and invoices, helps to go to one line below.
Shift+Insert In receipts and invoices, it will add the line.

This article will give a piece of clear information about the complete list of keyboard shortcut keys for Logo Accounting. If any case of suggestions/queries kindly let them down in the below comment section box. 

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