Keyboard Shortcut keys for Komodo Edit ~ {An Interseting Notes}

Komodo Edit: It is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE). Komodo Edit is used for dynamic programming languages. While comparing to Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit includes more advanced IDE features such as unit testing, debugging, etc. Here we will explain few keyboard shortcut keys for Komodo Edit.

komodo edit logo
Komodo edit logo

Last updated on Apr 1, 2021.

Download Komodo Edit Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Komodo Edit.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+G This key helps to Goto the line.
Ctrl+] Helps to Goto end of the current block.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+ It is used to Goto end of the current block.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+] Helps to select the current block.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+4 This key is used to hide/show line numbers.
Ctrl+H Helps to find and replace.
Alt+A It will replace all texts.
Ctrl+I It helps to find the interactive words.
Ctrl+U This key helps to make uppercase.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+U Helps to make lowercase.
Ctrl+3 It helps to comment on the selection.
Alt+C+D It is used to decrease the selection indent.
↑ Shift+F1 Helps to google the text that the cursor is on.
Alt+Enter It provides us toolbox selection properties.
Alt+E+L This key gives us about file properties.
Ctrl+S Helps to save the file.
Ctrl+O This key will open the file.
Ctrl+F2 Helps to toggle the bookmark.
F2 It will help to go to the next bookmark.
↑ Shift+F2 This key is used for the previous bookmark.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+F2 It will delete the bookmarks.

In this article, here we described few keyboard shortcut keys for Komodo Edit. I hope you all understood these keyboard shortcuts. In case if you have any other queries please send your feedback in the comment box.

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