Keyboard Shortcut Keys for HxD 2.3 – A Simple List!!

HxD 2.3: It is a hex editor software with features such as opening files larger than 4 GiB, disk, and memory editing. From the article, we learn the simple and general Keyboard Shortcut Keys for HxD 2.3. Let’s get into this article!!

HxD 2.3 Logo
HxD 2.3 Logo

Last updated on July 09, 2021.

Download HxD 2.3 Shortcuts Offline Study Here: HxD 2.3.pdf

File menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+N This key will new file.
Ctrl+O Helps to open.
Ctrl+F4 It is used to close.
Ctrl+P Use this key will print.

Edit menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Z It is used to undo.
Ctrl+X Helps to cut.
Ctrl+C Use this key to copy.
Ctrl+V It will paste.
Ctrl+B This key will paste written.
Ctrl+E Helps to select block.
Ctrl+A It is used to select all.
Alt+Insert Use this key to copy offset.

Search shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+F Helps to find.
Ctrl+R This key will replace.
F3 It will find again.
Shift+F3 Use this key to find again (reverse).
Ctrl+G Helps to go to.

View shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F5 It is used to refresh.

Extras shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift+Ctrl+M Helps to open the main memory.
Shift+Ctrl+D It will open the disk.
Shift+Ctrl+I Used to open the disk image.

In the above article, you can easily understand the general Keyboard Shortcut Keys for HxD 2.3. I hope, this article is useful to you. If you know more shortcuts, leave them in the below comment section. Don’t forget to share your worthwhile feedback in the comment section. Thank you so much for visiting our site!!

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