Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Bash – {A Complete List}

Bash: The expansion of Bash is Bourne-Again Shell, which allows users to type commands and execute them. Later it was named Stephen Bourne, the creator of the Unix shell. It is a command language interpreter that can execute commands entered at a command prompt and text file input. It also supports “Brace Expansion“, which is used to generate related text strings. In this article, we will learn about shortcuts used in Bash. Let’s get into this article.


Last Updated on Nov29, 2021.

Shortcut Keys used in Bash:

Shortcuts Function
Ctrl+l Make use of this key to clear the screen.
Ctrl+r Do a search in the previously given commands so that you don’t have to repeat a long time, use this key.
Ctrl+u If you want to clear the typing before the hotkey, use this key.
Ctrl+a It will take you to the beginning of the command you are currently typing.
Ctrl+E This shortcut takes you to the end of the command you are currently typing in.
esc+b It will take you back by one word while typing a command.
Ctrl+c Make use of this key to kill the current command process.
Ctrl+d Use this key to kill the shell.
Ctrl+h If you want to delete one letter at a time from the comment you are typing in, use this key.
Ctrl+z This key is used to puts the currently running process in the background, and also the process can be brought back to run state by using fg command.
esc+p Like Ctrl+r, this key is used to search through the previous commands.
esc This shortcut will give the last command you have typed.


In this way, we will learn about shortcuts used in Bash. If you have any issues regarding this article or any unresolved queries, please comment in the comment box below. We will assist you. Thank you!

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