Keyboard Cheatsheets for Huggle – A Simple List!!!

Huggle: Huggle is a diff browser for reviewing Wikimedia edits. It is intended for finding and reverting vandalism and other unconstructive edits. Huggle was originally created for the English version of Wikipedia, but later it was ported to other Wikimedia projects as well. Here we have listed the Keyboard Cheatsheets for Huggle for your easy use.

Huggle Logo
Huggle Logo

Last updated on May 19, 2021.

Download Huggle Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Huggle.pdf

Main shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Space Helps to show the next diff.
Q It is used to revert and warn.
R Use this key to revert.
Y Helps to revert with a custom edit summary.
T It is used to Post template messages.
W This key will warn without reverting.
Esc Helps to cancel the current action being performed.
Shortcut Function
[ It is used to browse back.
] Helps to browse forward.
Z Use this key for Previous revision.
X It is used as the Next revision.
C Helps for Current revision.
Ctrl+Z This key is used for the Previous contributions.
Ctrl+X Used as a Next contribution.
Ctrl+C Helps for the Latest contribution.
D It is used to show diff to the current revision.
O Use this key to open a page in an external browser, as mentioned above will prevent further keyboard shortcuts from working.
+ Helps to open the New tab.
It is used to Close tab.
Tab This key is used for the Next tab.
Shift+Tab Used to open the Previous tab.

Page shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
V It is used to view the page (this revision).
Ctrl+V Helps to view page (the latest revision).
E Use this key on the Edit page.
G It is used to tag the page.
S Helps to Tag page for deletion.
Ctrl+S This key is used to nominate the page for deletion.
P It will prod tag page.
Ctrl+P Helps to Mark as patrolled.
Ctrl+D Use this key to the Delete page.
L It is used to Watch / Unwatch page.

User shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
I Use this key to ignore the user.
Ctrl+I It is used by Unignore users.
or ?
Helps to show user info.
A This key will view the user talk page.
N It is used for the Message user.
B Helps to report user / Block user.

Other shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
H This key will retrieve history for the current page.
U Helps to retrieve contributions for the current user.
K It is used to toggle “show new edits”.
M Use this key to show new messages.
Ctrl+Space Helps to clear the queue.

I hope, this article helped you to learn all the Keyboard Cheatsheets for Huggle. If you like this article, leave your feedback in the comment section.

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