iTunes shortcut keys-{A List of Keyboard Shortcuts}

iTunes: iTunes is a music-playing app. This player was developed by Apple. This was officially launched on 9 January 2001. And the player aids Windows 7 and macOS. This application allows the user to download songs from the iTunes music store. This app allows you to store more than 10,oo0 songs in the Library. So we are going to see the shortcuts used in this app through this guide. Let’s see about the iTunes shortcut keys- {A List of Keyboard Shortcuts} below.

iTunes shortcut keys-[ A List of Keyboard Shortcuts}
iTunes shortcut keys-{A List of Keyboard Shortcuts}

iTunes shortcut keys- General Keyboard Shortcuts

Playback Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
Enter Use this key to play the selected song immediately.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ This key is to listen to the next or previous album in a list.
or Use this key to rewind or fast-forward to the next song in a list.

iTunes shortcut keys for Library and Playlist:

Shortcut keys Action
Shift++ This key is to create a new Smart Playlist.
Shift+Shuffle button It will reshuffle the current playlist.
Control+Delete This key deletes the selected playlist from your Source list without confirming that you want to delete it.
Shift+Delete Use this key to delete the selected playlist and all the songs it contains from your library.
Shift+Delete In order to delete the selected song from your library and all playlists.

iTunes shortcut keys for Music Store Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
Shift+] You can use this key to go to the next page in the Music Store.
Shift+[ You can use this key to go to the previous page in the Music Store.

iTunes shortcut keys for Menu
File menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Keys Action
Ctrl+N Use this key to create a new playlist.
Ctrl+Shift+N This key is to create a new playlist with the selected songs.
Ctrl+Alt+N Key to creating a new Smart Playlist.
Ctrl+O It will add a file to the Library.
Ctrl+W Use this key to Close the iTunes window.
Ctrl+Shift+O Use this key to Import a song, playlist, or library file,
Ctrl+I It will open the song or CD Info window for the selected song or CD.
Ctrl+R Use this key to show where a song file is located.
Ctrl+L If you want to know the currently playing song, in the list, press this key.

Edit menu shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
Ctrl+Z To undo your last typing change while still in edit mode, use this key.
Ctrl+X Use this key to Cut the selected song’s information or artwork.
Ctrl+C This key is to copy the selected song’s information or artwork.
Ctrl+V Key to paste the selected song’s information or artwork.
Ctrl+A In order to select all the songs in the list.
Ctrl+Shift+A It will deselect all the songs on the list.
Ctrl+B Use this key to Hide or Show the Artist and Album columns.
Ctrl+G To Hide or Show the song artwork, use this key.
Ctrl+J To Open the View Options window for the selected source, press this key.
Ctrl+, This key Opens iTunes preferences.

Control Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
Spacebar This key is to stop or start playing the selected song.
Key to play the next song in a list when a song is playing, press this key.
Key to play the previous song in a list when a song is playing, press this key.
Ctrl+ To increase the volume.
Ctrl+ To decrease the volume.
Ctrl+Shift+ In order to mute the sound.
Ctrl+E For to eject a CD, this key is used.

Visualizer menu shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
Ctrl+T This key turns the visualizer on or off.
Ctrl+F This key switches between visual effects taking up the entire screen or appearing in the iTunes window when the visualizer is on.

Advanced Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys  
Ctrl+M It will Switch to the mini-player window.
Ctrl+U This key will stream audio files at a specific URL to iTunes.

File and Windows Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
Use this key to check or uncheck all the songs in a list.

and then click a column heading
To change the song information columns you see.
Ctrl+Click a Triangle In order to expand or collapse, all the triangles in the Radio’s Stream list.
Shift+Double-click on the Title bar Key to Zoom the window to an ideal size.
? Then press the indicated key to use the option. To see more options when a visual effect is showing, press this key.
F5 This key is to Refresh the Radio or Party Shuffle list.


We have stated the iTunes shortcut keys in this guide. Hope you like this guide. If you have any suggestions or any updates, tell us in the comment box.

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