IPython Shell Keyboard Shortcut Keys ~ [Quick Shortcuts]

IPython Shell: It is a command shell in some programming languages. It was originally developed for the Python programming language. It has features including interactive shells, browser-based notebook interface, flexible, embeddable interpreters. IPython Shell was initially released in 2001. Here, this article will guide you to the complete list of IPython Shell Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Use the shortcut keys for Quick Access!!

IPython Shell Logo
IPython Shell Logo

Last updated on July 09, 2021.

Download IPython Shell Shortcuts Offline Study Here: IPython Shell.pdf

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+A Use this key to move the cursor to the beginning of the line.
Ctrl+E Helps to move the cursor to the end of the line.
It is used to move the cursor back to one character.
This key will move the cursor forward one character.

Text entry shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Backspace It is used to delete the previous characters in the line.
Ctrl+D Helps to delete the next character in the line.
Ctrl+K This key will cut text from the cursor to the end of the line.
Ctrl+U It will cut text from the beginning of the line to the cursor.
Ctrl+Y Helps for yank (e.g. paste) text that was previously cut.
Ctrl+T Use this key to transpose (e.g. switch) the previous two characters.

Command history shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
It is used to access the previous command in history.
Helps to access the next command in history.
Ctrl+R Used to reverse-search through command history.
Enter This key will select the command.

Miscellaneous shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+1 It is used to clear the terminal screen.
Ctrl+C Helps to interrupt the current Python command.
Ctrl+C It will be particularly useful if you start a long-running job by mistake.
Ctrl+D This key will exit the IPython session.

This article will give a piece of clear information about the complete list of IPython Shell Keyboard Shortcut Keys. If any case of suggestions/queries, kindly let them down in the below comment section box.

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