iLife iDVD Shortcut Keys- {Easy Shortcuts}

iLife   iDVD: iLife is for editing, organizing, publishing, and creating. This was developed by Apple. This was launched in 1999. Added to that, this works with OS like iOS & macOS. iDVD is a platform where you can create your DVD. Within minutes, you can make your own DVD and you can customize it according to your needs, and you can share it with TV, Mac, and so on to watch. This aids OS like Mac OS X, Classic macOS. To know more shortcuts for apps, browsers, games visit our website. Let’s get into the article to know about iLife iDVD Shortcut Keys- {Easy Shortcuts}.


iLife iDVD Shortcut Keys- {Easy Shortcuts}

iLife iDVD Shortcut Keys for Menu:

Shortcut keys Action
⌘ Cmd+H To hide iDVD use this key.
⌘ Cmd+Q This key is to quit the iDVD application.
⌘ Cmd+T Use this key to Show TV safe area.
⌘ Cmd+J Motion shortcut key.

iLife iDVD Shortcut Keys for File menu

Shortcut keys Action
⌘ Cmd+N Use this key to create a new project.
⌘ Cmd+O This key is to open a project.
⌘ Cmd+S It will save a project.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+S Save a project as a shortcut key.
⌘ Cmd+P Key to Burn DVD.

iLife iDVD Shortcut Keys for Edit Menu

Shortcut keys Action
⌘ Cmd+Z To undo your last action, press this key concurrently.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+Z To redo your last action, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+X In order to Cut the selected text or button.
⌘ Cmd+C For to copy the selected text or button.
⌘ Cmd+V This key is to paste the cut or copied text or button.
⌘ Cmd+A Use this key to select all text or buttons.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+A This key is to deselect all text or buttons.

iDVD Shortcut Keys for Project menu

Shortcut keys Action
⌘ Cmd+I This key displays project information.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+B Use this key to display a customized panel.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+N This key is to add a folder.
⌘ Cmd+L It will add a slideshow.
⌘ Cmd+K If you want to, add the text you can use this key.
⌘ Cmd+B If you want to go back, you can use this key.

iDVD Shortcut Keys for Windows Menu

Shortcut keys Action
⌘ Cmd+W Use this key to Close the window.
⌘ Cmd+M To minimize, you can use this key.
⌘ Cmd+? It will show the iDVD Help.


In this guide, we have listed the iLife iDVD Shortcut Keys with their actions. Leave your valuable comment in the comment box. If you want to know more shortcuts, check out our website. Thank you for reading this article.

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