iA Writer shortcuts using the keyboard~An Advanced guide!!

iA Writer: It is one of the best writing apps available on Android, iPad, iPhone, macOS, and windows. For a short-term writer, it used for searching minimalism, and for long-term writers, it is used for a screenplay. In this chapter, we will show the list of iA Writer shortcuts. Let’s get started!!

iA Writer
iA Writer

Last updated on Feb 4, 2021.

Download iA Writer Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: iA Writer.pdf

Caret Positioning:

Shortcut Function
It opens the previous character
Used to show the next character
The previous line is shown
Goes to the next line
Fn+ It will go to the start line
Fn+ This is used to go to the end line
Ctrl+ The previous word will open by this key
Ctrl+ It opens the next word
Ctrl+ The previous paragraph will open
Ctrl+ Goes to the next Paragraph

Manipulating text:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+C It helps to copy
Ctrl+X Used to cut
Ctrl+V To paste use this key
Ctrl+A Select all by clicking this key
Ctrl+Z Used to Undo
Ctrl+shift+Z It helps to Redo
Ctrl+B Bold the selected file
Ctrl+I It helps the Italic style
Ctrl+ It helps to strike-through
Ctrl+1 The main purpose of this key is to control 1 to 6 (H1 to H6)
Tab It helps to insert the four spaces
Shift+Enter To add a new space in the new line
Ctrl+Backspace By using the cursor you can delete the word

User interface:

Shortcut Function
Esc It shows the entire menu

From this tutorial, we have described the list of keyboard shortcuts available for the iA writer. Hope you like it. Let me know your feedback in the below comment section. Thank you!!

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