i3 (Window Manager) ~ Keyboard Shortcuts!!

i3 (Window Manager) Shortcuts:

In this article, we are going to see the list of Shortcuts for i3 (Window Manager). This window manager is used as a part of a full-featured desktop environment, but we can also use it as a standalone application.

i3 window manager
i3 window manager

Last updated on Aug 19, 2020.

Download i3 (window manager) Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: i3 (window manager) Shortcuts.PDF

Basic Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+Enter It will open a new terminal
Alt+J Used to focus left
Alt+K This shortcut is used to focus down
Alt+L Used to focus up
Alt+; This shortcut is used to focus right
Alt+A It will focus parent
Alt+Space Used to toggle focus mode

Moving windows Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+Shift+J This shortcut is used to move the window to left
Alt+Shift+K Used to move the window to down
Alt+Shift+L it will move the window up
Alt+Shift+; used to move the window to right

Modifying windows Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+F Used to toggle fullscreen
Alt+V This shortcut is used to split the window vertically
Alt+H It will split the window horizontally
Alt+R Used to resize mode

Changing the Container Layout Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+E Default option
Alt+S It is used for stacking
Alt+W Tabbed

Floating Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+Shift+Space Used to toggle floating
Alt+ This shortcut is used to drag floating

Using Workspaces Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+09 Used to switch to another workspace
Alt+Shift+09 This shortcut is used to move a window to another workspace

Opening Applications or Closing windows Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+D This shortcut is used to open the application launcher
Alt+Shift+Q It will kill a window

Restart or Exit Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+Shift+C Used to reload the configuration file
Alt+Shift+R This shortcut will restart i3 in place
Alt+Shift+E Used to exit i3

In this article, you can learn all the shortcuts for i3 (window manager). If you think this article is helpful, then leave your feedback in the below comment section.

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