HTML Tags a simple cheat sheet-[ Primary Cheat sheet]

HTML simple cheat sheet: HTML refers to HyperText Markup Language. An HTML document starts with a start tag and ends up with an End tag. In this article, you can get more information about Basic HTML tags.


HTML simple cheat sheet:

HTML tags for Basic structure

Basic structure Tags Description
<!DOCTYPE> This tag defines that document as an HTML document.
<html> This tag is like the root tag of the HTML document.
<head> The tag gives page information.
<body> This tag is for Page content.

Tags for Page Information

Tags Description
<meta/> Tag for Metadata.
<title> This tag represents the title of the HTML document.
<link/> This tag is a link to the resource.
<style> The tag represents the style resource.
<script> Tag for script resource.

Basic HTML Tags for lists

Tags for lists Description
<ol> Tag for ordered list.
<ul> This tag is  for the title.
<li> This represents the list item.
<dl> Tag for Definition list.
<dt> For definition term.
<dd> For Term description.

Tags for Document Structure


Tags Description
<h[1-6]> Tag for the heading.
<div> This tag is the page section tag.
<span> Inline section tag
<p> This tag represents a paragraph.
<br /> Tag for Line break.
<hr /> Horizontal rule tag.

Void Tags (self-closing, empty)

<img />
<input />
<link />
<meta />
<hr />
<br />

Text Markup Tags


Tags Description
<strong> For Strong emphasis.
<em> Tag for emphasis.
<blockquote> This tag is for a Long quotation.
<q> Tag for a short quotation.
<abbr> Abbreviation tag.
<acronym>  Acronym tag.
<address>  This tag is the address tag.
<pre>  A tag for preformatted text.
<code> Tag for code.
<cite> Tag for citation.
<sub>  Subscript tag.
<sup>  This tag is for Superscript.

Page Link Tags

Tags Link for
<a href=” “> This tag is for Page link.
<a href=”mailto:”> Email link tag.
<a name=”name”> This tag is for Anchor link.
<a href=”#name”> Link to anchor tag.

Forms tag

Tags  Description
<form> Form tag
<fieldset> This tag is for a collection of fields.
<legend> This tag is from the legend tag
<label> Input label tag.
<input /> Form input tag.
<select> This tag is a drop-down box tag.
<optgroup> This tag is a group of options tag.
<option> Tag for drop-down options.
<textarea> Large text input tag.
<button> Button tag.

Table tags

Tags Description
<table> This tag represents the table.
<caption> To represent a caption.
<head> This tag represents the table header.
<body> For table body.
<tfoot> This tag is for the table footer.
<colgroup> To represent column group.
<col> Code for column.
<tr> This code is for a table row.
<th> This tag Represents the Header cell.
<td> Tag  is for table cell.

Core attributes

Class Represents the style.
id Represents the title.

HTML 5 Semantic tags

Tags Description
<article> This tag is the article tag.
<aside> The tag represents outside the main flow of the narrative.
<details> Tag is for the details of an element.
<figure> Tag is for the group of media content and their caption
<footer> This tag is the footer for a section or page.
<header> Tag for a header for a section or page.
<mark> Marked text tag.
<nav> Navigation-link tag.
<section> This tag represents the section page or title.

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