HTML cheatsheet-[A Basic Cheat sheet]

HTML Cheat sheet: This HTML cheat sheet is about the codes and tags used in the HTML version with its cheat sheet is in this article. These HTML tags represent the different elements like Tables, Images, Texts, and Links. To get to know more about it, read this article Fully.


Cheat sheet for Document Line

Tags Usage
<html> Represents an HTML document
<head> This tag is for the Title
<body> Content, images go inside this tag

HTML cheat sheet for Texts

Tags Function
<h1> This tag is for Headers where you can use numbers 1-6
<p> Tag for a paragraph

Links and Images

Tags Used to
<a href=”your link”> Tag for Link
<img src=”your image link”> This tag is for Images

Classes and ID’s

Tags Description
<div> This one is like a container of your code
class=”name” This tag goes for the class, the class must go inside this tag
id=”name” This tag is for ID, the ID must go in the opening tag

Linking your sheet

Tag Description
<link rel=”st­yle­she­et” type=”t­ext­/cs­s” href=”s­tyl­e.c­ss”> This tag is for the head section, this goes in the Head section

Tag for Lists

Tags Description
<ol> This tag is for Ordered Lists which uses numbers
<ul> Tag for the Unordered list which uses bullet point
<li> Tag For list items

Tags for Formatting Texts

Tags Description
<i> This tag is for italics
<b> Tag for bold
<p> Represents Underline

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