Google Video Shortcuts & Keyboard Hot Keys List

Google Video: Google Video was a free video hosting service which was originated from Google. It was similar to YouTube that allows video clips. It was used to store videos from YouTube. This service was launched on Jan25, 2005. Now Google videos stopped accepting new video uploads. It was shut down on Aug20, 2012. In this article, we will learn about shortcuts used in Google Videos. Let’s see them below.

Google Videos

Last Updated on Nov27, 2011

Shortcuts Functions
Space Use this key to toggle pause on and off.
This key is used to skip forward in the video by 5%.
Skips backward in the video by 5%, use this key.
Key to increase volume by 5%.
It is used to decrease the volume by 5%.
m Toggles muting on and off, use this key.
f Make use of this key to toggle full-screen mode on and off.


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