Google Toolbar Shortcut Keys – {Easy Shortcuts}

Google Toolbar:  Google Toolbar is a downloadable browser toolbar. It allows Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. It allows users to perform many actions. Likewise, it is a machine-readable binary code version of the Google Toolbar for the Internet. In this article, we will learn about shortcuts used in Google Toolbar.

Google Toolbar Shortcut Keys
Google Toolbar Shortcut Keys

Last Updated on Nov26, 2021.

Google Toolbar – Shortcut Keys:

Shortcuts Functions
Alt+s This key is used to focus the search box.
Alt+enter Use this key to open the search in the new tab.
Shift+enter In order to search, an “I’m Feeling Lucky”, use this key.


In this article, we have listed the Google Toolbar Shortcut Keys in detail with their function. Hope you find this guide useful. To know more shortcuts, visit our website.

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