Google Calendar Shortcut Keys – {A Complete List}

Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduler developed by Google. It allows users to create and edit events. Event location can also be added in Google Calendar. It is a free web and mobile calendar that lets you keep track of your events. It is simple to use and very powerful. In this article, we will learn about shortcuts used in Google Calendar. Let us see in detail

Google Calendar Shortcut Keys
Google Calendar Shortcut Keys

Last Updated on Nov24, 2021.

Google Calendar Shortcut Keys

Shortcuts Functions
c This key is used to display the create event dialog.
/ This key places the cursor in the search field.
p If you want to move the calendar view to the previous data range, use this key.
n Key to move calendar views to include current day.
t In order to move the calendar view to include the current day, use this key.
d Use this key to switch today’s view.
w This key is used to switch to week view.
m Make use of this key to Switch calendar to month view.
x Use this key to switch the calendar to a customized view.
a In order to display, your upcoming appointments, use this key.
q Make use of this key to open a quick add and move the cursor there.
Esc This key is used to go back to the default calendar view.


In this guide, we have stated the Google Calendar Shortcut keys with their functions. Hope you find this article a beneficial one. Leave your valuable comments in the comment box regarding this article.

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