Framer X Keyboard Shortcut Keys – A List of Shortcuts!!

Framer X: It is an interactive design tool for macOS. It allows the creation of unique animations for mobile application interfaces. In this article, we will guide you to know a general List of Framer X Keyboard Shortcut Keys.  Let’s get into this article!!

Framer X Logo
Framer X Logo

Last updated on July 30, 2021.

Download Framer X Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Framer X.pdf

Tools shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F Use this key for the frame.
U Helps for the round.
T It is used to text.
S This key will be used as a stack.
L Helps to link.
Space It is used for pan canvas.

Graphics shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
G Helps with graphics.
P It is used for the path.
R This key will be used for the rectangle.
O Helps for oval.
V It is used for vectors.
⌘ Cmd+G Use this key to the group.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
Helps to ungroup.

Layout shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+Enter This key will add the frame.
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+
Helps to add a stack.
⌘ Cmd+ It will remove the wrapper.
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+
Use this key to move forward.
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+
Helps to move backward.

Components shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+K It is used to create from design.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
Helps to create from code.

Text shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+B Use this key to bold.
⌘ Cmd+I It is used to italic.
⌘ Cmd+U Helps for underline.
⌘ Cmd+T This key will select typeface.

Editing shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+←↑→↓ Helps with object size.
It is used for object size by 10px.
09 This key is used for opacity.
⌥ Option Helps to show distance.
⌘ Cmd+D It will duplicate in place.
⌥ Option+ + Use this key for the duplicate selected objects.
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+
Helps to copy style.
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+
It is used to paste style.
Control+C This key is used for color picker.
⌘ Cmd+A Helps to select all layers.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
It will select all siblings.
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+
Use this key to select all children.

View shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Z Helps to zoom.
⌘ Cmd++ It is used to zoom in.
⌘ Cmd+ This key will zoom out.
⌘ Cmd+1 Helps to zoom to fit.
⌘ Cmd+2 It will zoom to fit selection.
⌘ Cmd+0 Use this key to zoom to 100%.
⌘ Cmd+R Helps to show rulers.

View shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+M It is used to minimize.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
Used for the welcome screen.
⌘ Cmd+P Helps for the preview.

From this article, you can get to know about a general List of Framer X Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any queries, then leave them in the below comment box.

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