FILE EXPLORER Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows – A Complete List

File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts:

File Explorer is used to managing the files, folders, and drives in the system. Here we are going to explore the keyboard shortcuts of File Explorer So that you can access it quickly.

File Manager
File Manager

Last updated on Aug 4, 2020.

Download File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: File Explorer Shortcuts.PDF

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Win+E It is used to open the File Explorer
ALT+D It is Used to Select the Address Bar
CTRL+EorCTRL+F Used to Select the Search Box
CTRL+N Used to Open a New Window
CTRL+W It is Used to Close the Current Window
CTRL+Shift+E It helps to display all folders above the selected folder
CTRL+Shift+N Used to Create a New Folder

Num pad Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
* It is Used to Display all Subfolders in the selected folder
+ Used to Display the Contents of the Selected Folder
It will Collapse the Selected Folder
ALT+P It is Used to Display the Preview Pane

Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
ALT+Enter Go to the Properties Dialog box for the Selected Item
ALT+ Used to View the Next Folder
ALT+ It is Used to View the Folder that folder was one level up
ALT+orBackspace It is Used ti View the Previous Folder
It will display the Current Selection or Select the First Subfolder
It will Collapse the Current Selection
End To Display the Bottom of the Active Window
Home It is Used to Display the Top of the Active Window
F11 Used to Maximize or Minimize the Active Window

In this article, you can clearly understand the shortcuts for File Explorer. I hope, this is helpful to you, if you like it then leave your suggestions in the comment section.

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