List of FaceRig Studio Keyboard Shortcuts ~ Easy Tutorial!!

FaceRig Studio: It is a software that enables anyone to digitally embody CGI characters using different motion tracking sensors such as webcams, bodysuits, and other devices. It is the professional version of FaceRig Classic and designed for creative professionals like filmmakers, animation artists, etc. In this tutorial, we will show the simple shortcuts available for FaceRig Studio.

FaceRig Studio
FaceRig Studio

Last updated on Dec 31, 2020.

Download FaceRig Studio Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: FaceRig Studio .pdf

Timeline Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift Hold this for snapping behavior
Ctrl+Z It helps to undo
Ctrl+Y This shortcut key will help to redo
S It will toggle split mode
Space Helps to toggle play/pause
← ↑ → ↓ It will help to frame by frame forward/backward
Ctrl+Shift+S This shortcut key will save the project as the selected folder
Ctrl+S It will save the project

Camera Editor Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Del This shortcut key will delete the selected key frames
K It is used to create keys for active tracks at the current time
Space This key will toggle play/pause
Ctrl+Z It helps to undo
Ctrl+Y Used to redo
Ctrl+C This shortcut key will help to copy
Ctrl+V It will paste the selected item
Ctrl+ By clicking on the keyframe it will select all, and you can move them around
Ctrl+Shift This shortcut key will help to duplicate and move keyframes to different positions

Hope you understood the simple keyboard shortcuts available for the FaceRig Studio. Mention your queries in the comment 💬 box below. Thank you.

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