ERPNext keyboard shortcut keys – {List of Easy shortcuts}

 ERPNext: ERPNext is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software used by manufacturers, distributors, etc. It is free and open-source software developed by Frappé Technologies. From the article, we learn the detailed ERPNext keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s get into this article!!

ERPNext Logo
ERPNext Logo

Last updated on May 06, 2021.

Download ERPNext Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: ERPNext.pdf

Global shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+S Helps to Trigger primary action.
⌘ Cmd+G It is used to Open Awesome bar.
⌘ Cmd+H Takes to Home.
⌥ Option+S Use this key for Settings.
Shift+/ Helps to Show keyboard shortcuts.
⌥ Option+H It is used for Help.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+R This key will Clear cache and reload.

Page shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+J Used to Customize.
⌘ Cmd+K Helps to Toggle the sidebar.
⌘ Cmd+L This key will Share the URL.
It is used to Navigate the list down.
Helps to Navigate list up.
or Shift+
Use this key to select multiple list items.
Enter It will open the list item.
Space This key will Select a list item.

Here, we have described the list of ERPNext keyboard shortcut keys. Hope you like it. If you know more shortcuts, then share them with us. Thank you!

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