Enpass keyboard Shortcut keys ~ A Brief Explaination

Enpass: It is an offline password management app. Secures your password and stored in clouds such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and WebDAV. It also has the master password and save your bank accounts, licenses, and store other records. Here, we have shown you to learn the simple and useful Enpass Keyboard Shortcut keys. Let see it!!


Last updated on Feb 9, 2021.

Download Enpass Shortcuts for Offline Study Here:Enpass .pdf


Shortcut Function
Ctrl+E This key helps to open the Enpass
Ctrl+Shift+D Helps to stick or unstick on the screen


Shortcut Function
Ctrl+E The purpose of this key is to edit 
Ctrl+D It helps to open the duplicate 
Shift+Backspace This key is used to archive
Ctrl+Shift+U Use this to copy the username
Ctrl+Shift+P It helps to copy the password
Ctrl+Shift+R This key is used to copy the URL
Ctrl+Shift+T Use this key to copy the time based one time password
Ctrl+ It goes to the previous group
Ctrl+ It goes to the next group
Ctrl+, This key used for setting purpose
Ctrl+Q Helps to exit


Shortcut Function
Ctr+L This is used to lock the screen
Ctrl+J The purpose of the key is to sync
Ctrl+B It is used to clear the clipboard
Ctrl+G Helps to create the random password

Here, we have described the list of Enpass Keyboard Shortcut keys. Hope you like it. If you know more shortcuts, then share them with us. Thank you!!

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