Elite Dangerous Game Keyboard Shortcuts ~ Easy Guide!!

Elite Dangerous is a space flight simulation game. It was developed and published by Frontier Developments. Here, we will see the list of keyboard shortcuts available for the Elite Dangerous Game. Let’s see them below!!

Elite Dangerous Game Logo
Elite Dangerous Game Logo

Last updated on Dec 10, 2020.

Download Elite Dangerous Game Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Elite Dangerous Game.pdf

Flight Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
D This key will help to  yaw right
A It is used to yaw left
E Helps to thrust right
Q Used to thrust left
R This shortcut key helps to thrust up
F It is used to thrust down
W It will help to throttle up
S This key will help to throttle down
X It will set the speed to 0%
z Helps to disable the flight assist
Tab Used for engine boost
J Helps to enter/ exit the supercruise mode
J This key is will help to jump the targeted system

Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Del This shortcut key will help to silent running mode
V It will deploy the heat sink
Insert This key will toggle the ship lights
Page Up It helps to increase the sensor zoom
Page Down Used to decrease the sensor zoom
It will divert power to engines
Used to divert the power to weapons
This key will divert the power to systems
It helps to balance the power distribution
L This key used for landing the gear
Home Helps to open/close cargo scoop
End It will help to jettison all cargo

Weapons/Targets Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
U It will deploy the hardpoints
Helps to the primary fire
This shortcut key will help the secondary fire
N It will cycle the next fire group
T Helps to target ahead
G This key will cycle the target next ship
H It is used to select the highest threat
Y This key will help to cycle target the next subsystem
*Mode This key used for switches
Left Shift It is used to UI focus
1 Helps to show the target panel
2 It will help to comms panel
3 This key will show the sensors panel
4 Helps to systems panel
Enter It will help to quick comms
It is used to the headlock
P This key is used to pause

From this tutorial, you can get some clarification on the keyboard shortcuts available for the Elite Dangerous Game. Hope you like this article!. If you have any doubts, feel free to share it with us.

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