Easy Shortcut Keys for KDE – {A Complete List}

KDE: The expansion of the KDE is K Desktop Environment, an international free software community that develops open-source software. It is the desktop for a working platform for the graphical user interface for the Linux-based operating system. It makes it easy for Linux users. Furthermore, it also provides tools and resources to allow collaborative work. Originally, it was founded in 1996 by Matthias Ettrich. It brings together artists, designers, programmers, translators, and users.

Applications of KDE:

KDE has provided a platform for the following apps.

  • Video Editor – Kdenlive
  • Document Viewer – Okular
  • File Manager – Dolphin
  • Terminal – Konsole
  • Archiving Tool -Ark
  • Screenshot Capture Utility – Spectacle
  • Gwenview  – KDE Image Viewer

In this article, you will learn about Shortcuts used in KDE. Use these shortcuts to save your working time. Let’s get into this article.


Last Updated on Jan7, 2022.

Shortcut Keys for KDE:

The following table will explain the shortcuts and their function that is used in KDE. Make use of it.

Shortcuts Functions
Alt+F2 Make use of this key to Execute the Command.
Ctrl+B If you want to add a Bookmark, use this key.
Ctrl+Esc This key is used to show the list of running applications.
Ctrl+W It is used to close the Window.
Alt+Tab Switch forward among the windows, use this key.
Ctrl+C Make use of this key to copy the text.
Ctrl+End If you want to end the action, use this key.
Ctrl+F Use this key to find the text.
Ctrl+Home Go to the Home, use this key.
Ctrl+Tab Make use of this key to switch forward one desktop.
Ctrl+N To create a new document, use this key.
Ctrl+O Helps to open the document.
Ctrl+Up If you want to go to the previous complete match, use this key.
Ctrl+P This key is used to Print the document.
Ctrl+q Use this key to Quit the KDE desktop.
Ctrl+R To replace the document, use this key.
Ctrl+s Make use of this key to save the document.
Ctrl+A Key to select all the text present in the document.
Ctrl+E For Text Completion, use this key.
Ctrl+Z Use this key to undo the action.
Ctrl++ If you want to Zoom In the document, use this key.
Ctrl+ This key is used to Zoom out the action
Down Go to the Next item in the list, use this key.
Page Up Make use of this key to go to the Prior.
F5 To reload the document, use this key.
F1 Use this key to go to the Help section.
F12 Toggle cursor by mouse simulation, use this key.
F3 Use this key to find the text.
Ctrl+Alt+Esc It will kill the window.
Ctrl+Alt+Delete If you want to log out from the KDE, use this key.


You can use this instruction for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Make sure to follow these shortcuts correctly.

Hope this article will bring clarity about “Easy Shortcut Keys for KDE”. If you have any doubts regarding this article, feel free to mention it in the comment section. Thank you!

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