DocuSign Keyboard Shortcut keys ~ A Simple Contents

DocuSign is a digital signature management software. The purpose of this software is to help the businessman to collect electronic signatures and manage digital transactions. On this page, We guide you to learn the simple DocuSign Keyboard Shortcut keys. Let’s see them below!!


Last updated on Feb 10, 2021.

Download DocuSign Shortcuts for Offline Study Here:DocuSign.pdf

Recipient fields(Windows):

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+, or Ctrl+Shift+. It is used to change the recipient
Ctrl+X Helps to cut the signature
Ctrl+C It is used to copy the signature
Ctrl+V Helps to paste the signature
Del Use the key to delete
Ctrl+D It helps open the duplicate
Ctrl+Z Use this button for Undo operation
Ctrl+Y Use this key for Redo operation
Ctrl+G It helps to open the selected fields on the current page
Ctrl+A It helps to select all the fields
Ctrl+S By using this key you can save
Esc Use this key to cancel
←↑→↓ It helps to move 
Ctrl+Shift+S It searches the placed fields
Enter Helps to add the field
Tab Use this key to move forward 
Shift+Tab Use this key to move backward
Ctrl+Shift+L It helps to focus on the palette fields
Ctrl+Shift+E This key used to focus on the properties panel
Ctrl+Shift+D It focuses on the document thumbnails
Ctrl+Alt+S It shows the shortcuts

Recipient fields(mac):

Shortcut Function
⌘cmd+Shift+, or ⌘cmd+Shift+. It helps to change the recipient
⌘cmd+X This key is used to cut the signature
⌘cmd+C It helps to copy the signature
⌘cmd+V Use this key to paste the signature
Del This button helps to delete
⌘cmd+D It opens the duplicate
⌘cmd+Z Use this key to undo 
⌘cmd+Y Use this button to the redo
⌘cmd+G It helps to select the current page
⌘cmd+A It selects all fields
⌘cmd+s Use this key to save
Esc This button used to cancel
←↑→↓ By using this key you can move your data
⌘cmd+Shift+S Use this for search fields
Enter Helps to add fields
Tab Use this key to move forward 
Shift+Tab Use this key to move backward
⌘cmd+Shift+L Helps to focus on the field palette
⌘cmd+Shift+E It is used to focus on the panel properties
⌘cmd+Shift+D This button focus on the thumbnails
⌘cmd+Option+S Used to show the shortcuts

From this page, we have described the simple and useful DocuSign Keyboard Shortcut keys. If you have any questions, feel free to share them with us. Thank you so much for visiting our site!!

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