Different Keyboard Shortcuts for X2Go – A Complete List !!

X2Go is a desktop software for Linux, which is used to remotely access a Linux system’s graphical user interface. In this article, we will guide you to know the different types of Keyboard Shortcuts for X2Go. Further, you can learn a brief explanation of the shortcut keys. Let’s get into this article!!


  • It has the ability to disconnect and reconnect to a session, even from another client.
  • X2Go works well over both low bandwidth and high bandwidth connections.
X2Go Logo
X2Go Logo

Last updated on Oct 03, 2020.

Download X2Go Keyboard Shortcuts for Offline Study Here:

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Alt+T This key is used to terminate or disconnect the session
Ctrl+Alt+F It helps to toggle fullscreen/windowed
Ctrl+Alt+M It will minimize or maximize the fullscreen window
Ctrl+Alt+←↑→↓ Helps to move viewport(when the remote screen is bigger than the client window)

From this article, you can get to know about the simple keyboard shortcuts available for X2Go. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any suggestions, leave your feedback in the below comment section.

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