CopyQ 3.8 Keyboard Shortcuts ~ A Complete Guide!!

CopyQ 3.8 Keyboard Shortcuts:

CopyQ is a clipboard manager that monitors the system’s clipboard and saves its content in customized tabs. In this short tutorial, we will show the list of Keyboard Shortcuts for CopyQ 3.8.

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Last updated on Oct 14, 2020.

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General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F3 Helps to find
F7 This key will show a preview
F6 It is used to command dialog
Ctrl+Shift+Z It helps to process manager
Ctrl+Shift+X This key will toggle saving clipboard
Ctrl+E Helps to Edit item in an external editor
F12 This key will show the log
Ctrl+I It is used to import
Ctrl+S Helps to Export
Ctrl+Q This key will be used for exit
Shortcut Function
Page Up / Down or
← → or
Ctrl+Tab or
This shortcut key will be used to show the item list navigation
Esc It helps to cancel the search and hide the window
Ctrl+A Used to select all

Tabs Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+T It is used to open a new tab
Ctrl+19 Helps to focus tab in the given order
Ctrl+0 This key will focus on the last tab
Ctrl+Shift+T It helps to change the tab icon
Ctrl+F2 Used to rename the tab
Ctrl+w It helps to remove the tab

Selected items Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+C This key will copy the selected items
Ctrl+V It is used to paste the item
F2 Helps to edit the selected item
F5 This shortcut key is used to open the action dialog for selected items
Del It will delete the selected items
Ctrl+Shift+S or
Helps to sort
Ctrl+↑ ↓ It is used to move selected items 
Ctrl+Home This key will move to the top
Ctrl+End This shortcut key will move to the bottom
Enter It is used to put the current item into the clipboard and paste item (optional)
Shift+F10 Helps to open the context menu

From this article, you will get to know the list of CopyQ 3.8 Keyboard Shortcuts. Don’t forget to drop feedback in the below comment section.

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