{Company of Heroes} Keyboard Shortcuts List!!

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy video game. It was developed and published by Feral Interactive. Here we will see the list of Keyboard Shortcuts for the Company of Heroes Game. Let’s get into this article!!

Company of Heroes Game Logo
Company of Heroes Game Logo

Last updated on Nov 4, 2020.

Download Company of Heroes Game Shortcuts for Offline Study Here:

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
A It helps to attack move
G This key will attack the ground
S It is used to stop
T Helps to retreat
R This key will helps to reinforce
U It will reverse the drive
V This shortcut key will enter Primary Build Menu
B It can enter Secondary Build Menu
F1 It will select HQ
F2 This key is used to select the Tier 1 Building
F3 It helps to select the Tier 2 Building
F4 This shortcut key will select the Tier 3 Building
F5 Helps to select the Tier 4 Building
F10 or
It will toggle the in-game menu
Ctrl+C This shortcut will activate the mini-map capture point ping
Ctrl+A It helps to activate mini-map attack point ping
Ctrl+D It will activate mini-map defense point ping
Alt+. Helps to toggle next idle infantry
Alt+/ This key will toggle the next idle vehicle
Ctrl+/ It can toggle all vehicles
Ctrl+. Used to toggle all infantry
Enter This shortcut key will help to toggle team chat
Shift+Enter It can toggle all chat
Alt+ + This key will help to rotate and tilt the camera
Backspace Helps to reset camera tilt
Backspace then Backspace It is used to reset camera rotation
Ctrl+09 These keys are assigned selected squads to control groups 0 – 9
09 It can select control group 0 – 9
09 then
These keys help to lock the camera to control group
Num 0 Helps to toggle Tactical Map
Esc It can clear all selections
Tab This shortcut key will help to cycle through units from a group of selected squads
It sets a rallying point
PauseBreak This key used to pause the game


From this tutorial, you can get to know the list of Keyboard Shortcuts for the Company of Heroes Game. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share it with us.

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