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CoffeeCup Web Editor: CoffeeCup HTML Editor is an HTML editor. Originally created by Nicholas Longo and Kevin Jurica, it was first released to the public in August 1996. Until version 12.5 was released in 2012, it was capable of WYSIWYG editing. From the article, we learn the simple and general CoffeeCup Web Editor Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Let’s get into this article!!

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CoffeeCup Web Editor Logo

Last updated on July 19, 2021.

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File management shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+N This shortcut key is used for the new file.
⌘ Cmd+N Helps with the quick file.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
It is used for quick projects.
⌘ Cmd+O Use this key to open the file.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
Helps to open project.
⌘ Cmd+S It is used to save files.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+S This key will save the file as.
⌘ Cmd+W Helps to close the file.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
It is used to close all.
⌘ Cmd+P Use this key to print.

Clipboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+Z Helps to undo.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
It is used to redo.
⌘ Cmd+C This shortcut key will copy.
⌘ Cmd+X Helps to cut.
⌘ Cmd+V It is used to paste.
⌘ Cmd+A Use this key to select all.

Bookmarks shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+⌘ Cmd+B It will open the bookmarks window.
⌘ Cmd+D Helps toggle bookmarks.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+B This key will be the previous bookmark.
⌘ Cmd+B It is used for the next bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+B Helps with the previous bookmark in the document.
Ctrl+B Use this key to the next bookmark in the document.

Blocks shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+K This key will toggle foldable blocks.
Tab It is used to move the selected block right.
Shift+Tab Helps to move the selected block left.
Ctrl+⌘ Cmd+ Use this key to move the selected block up.
Ctrl+⌘ Cmd+ It will move the selected block down.
or Alt+Shift+
Helps to select a rectangular block.
⌘ Cmd+ This key will select multiple blocks.

Cursor shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+ It will place multiple cursors.
or Alt+Shift+↑↓
Helps to place a range of cursors.

Search shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+F It is used to find and replace.
⌘ Cmd+T Helps to find in the currently selected file.
Alt+⌘ Cmd+F This key will find in open files.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+F It will find in all files.
⌘ Cmd+G Helps to find next.
Shift+⌘ Cmd+
Use this key to find previous.
⌘ Cmd+E It is used to find selected text.
⌘ Cmd+J Helps to jump to selection.

View shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+1 It will show/hide the project area.
Ctrl+Shift+2 Helps to show/hide preview area.
Ctrl+Shift+3 This key will show/hide the left/top editor area.
Ctrl+Shift+4 It is used to show/hide the right/bottom editor area.
Ctrl+Shift+3 Helps to show the left / top editor area only.
⌘ Cmd+1 Use this key to switch to project explorer.
⌘ Cmd+2 It will switch to the preview pane.
⌘ Cmd+3 Helps to switch to left / top editor.
⌘ Cmd+4 This key will switch to the right/bottom editor.
⌘ Cmd+` It is used to move the rear window to the front.
⌘ Cmd+Tab Helps to view open files.
⌘ Cmd+H Use this key to hide web editor windows.
Alt+⌘ Cmd+H It will hide other app windows.
⌘ Cmd+M Helps to minimize.
Ctrl+⌘ Cmd+F This key will be toggle full screen (OS 10.7).
⌘ Cmd+Alt+T It is used for special characters.

Included plugins shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Alt+B Helps to tidy HTML.
Shift+Ctrl+C It is used to tidy CSS.
Ctrl+Shift+V This key will validate PHP % validate PHP.

Misc shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+, It is used for preferences.
⌘ Cmd+Q Helps to quit.

In the above article, you can easily understand the general CoffeeCup Web Editor Keyboard Shortcut Keys. I hope, this article is useful to you. If you know more shortcuts, leave them in the below comment section. Don’t forget to share your worthwhile feedback in the comment section. Thank you so much for visiting our site!!

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