Cheatsheets for Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension) using keyboard!!!

Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension): Nostalgy is a useful add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail clients. It adds some keyboard shortcuts for actions like changing folders, copying messages and provides tools for organizing e-mails. Here we come up with a set of Cheatsheets for Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension) using the keyboard to make your work simpler.

Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension) Logo
Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension) Logo

Last updated on May 25, 2021.

Download Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension) Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension).pdf

Folder commands shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
S It is used to Save messages.
Shift+S Helps to Save as suggested.
C Use this key to copy the message.
Shift+C It will copy as suggested.
G This key will Go to the folder.
Shift+G Helps to Go as suggested.
B It is used to Save messages and go there.
L Use this key to the Hide folder pane.
` Helps to show messages with the same sender.
` then ` It is used to search messages with the same subject.
` then ` then ` This key will Cancel QuickSearch.

3-pane navigation shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
L Helps to hide/show the folder pane.
Esc then F It is used to focus the folder pane.
Esc then M Use this key to focus the message pane.
Esc then Esc Helps to focus the thread pane.
Esc then Esc then Esc It is used to focus the thread pane, clear the quick search box, select the “All” view.
Ctrl+← → This key will scroll the message from the thread pane.

Rules shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift+S Helps to move.
Shift+C It is used to copy.
Shift+G Use this key to Go to the folder.
Shift+B Helps to Save message and go there.

In the composer shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
L then O It is used to change the header to “To address”.
C then C This key will change the header to Cc.
B then C then C Helps to change the header to Bcc.
Esc then Esc Use this key to focus the message body.

From this article, you can easily understand the Cheatsheets for Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension) using the keyboard. If you feel this article is useful to you, leave your feedback in the comment section.

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