Cheatsheets for Need for Speed Heat Game using Keyboard!!

Need for Speed Heat: It is a racing game developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is set in an open-world environment called Palm City, which is an imaginary version of Miami, Florida, and its surrounding area. Need for Speed Heat was released in November 2019. Here, we guide you to learn the simple List of Cheatsheets for Need for Speed Heat Game using Keyboard. Let’s see them below!!

Need for Speed Heat Logo
Need for Speed Heat Logo

Last updated on June 24, 2021.

Download Need for Speed Heat Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Need for Speed Heat.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Left Ctrl Use this key for nitrous.
Space It is used as a handbrake.
O Helps to gear up.
L This key will gear down.
B It is used as an action.
S Helps with the brake.
W Use this key to accelerate.
Num6 Shows the phone app.
Num4 It will campaign objectives.
Num2 Helps to skip the track.
Tab This shortcut key is used as a menu.
M It is used to map.
or D
Helps for steering.
←↑→↓ Use this key to rotate the camera.
Q It will change car (at the event).
H This shortcut key will be used as a horn.
Print Screen Helps for (hold) photo mode.
Print Screen It is used to take snapshots.

From this post, you can easily learn the simple list of Cheatsheets for Need for Speed Heat Game using Keyboard. Mention your questions in the comment box below. I reply to queries frequently. Don’t forget to share your worthwhile feedback with us. Thank you so much for reading!!

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