Cheatsheets for Era-Ignite using keyboard ~ *Easy Shortcuts*

Era-Ignite: Era-Ignite is a dealer management software developed by U.S.-based private corporations Reynolds and Reynolds. In this short article, we are going to see Cheatsheets for Era-Ignite using the keyboard. Use these amazing keys to make your work easier and quicker.

Era-Ignite Logo
Era-Ignite Logo

Last updated on May 05, 2021.

Download Era-Ignite Shortcut Keys for Offline Study Here: Era-Ignite.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+A It is used to add new records.
Ctrl+S Helps to Open a new search screen.
Ctrl+B Use this key to Browse backward.
Ctrl+F It will Browse forward.
Ctrl+C This key is used to Copy highlighted text.
Ctrl+X Helps to Cut highlighted text.
Ctrl+V Used to Paste text.
Ctrl+Z It will Undo the current field.
Alt+End This key will Access the Application Navigator.
Alt+AZ Helps to (press underlined letter) Access drop-down menus at top of the screen.
Alt+Tab Use this key to Move through open windows.
Ctrl+Enter It is used to move to the next required field.
Ctrl+Home Helps to Highlight the first item in the list or the first cell in the table.
Ctrl+Tab This key will Move forward through tabs on the screen.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab It is used to Move backward through tabs on the screen.
PageDown Use this key to Move forward through subscreens.
PageUp Helps to Move backward through subscreens.
Home It will move to the first item in a drop-down list.
End This key will move to the last item in the drop-down list.
Shift+ Used to Expand current selection.
Shift+ Helps to Collapse the current selection.
Tab It will Move forward one field at a time.
Shift+Tab Use this key to Move backward one field at a time.
Space Helps to Toggle items on/off (radio button or checkbox).
Esc This key will Close the active subscreen window.

In this short article, you can learn all Cheatsheets for Era-Ignite using the keyboard. If this is helpful, kindly, share your feedback in the comment section.

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