Cheat Sheet for Git Flow – [A Complete List]

Git Flow: The term Git stands for Global Information Tracker. The software used for tracking the changes in any set of files is called Git. It is usually used to coordinate the programmers’ work to develop the source code during the software development.

Git Flow is the set of guidelines that developers can follow when using Git. It makes the developer speed up the process with the familiar branch structure.

In the below table, we have stated the Cheat Sheet for Git Flow. Use these commands to save your working time. Let’s get into this article.

Git Flow
Git Flow

Last Updated on Mar 19, 2022.

Project Commands:

In the below table, we have listed new project commands and their functions of Git flow. Please use these commands carefully.

Command Function
git clone <us­er>­@<h­ost­>:<­rep­osi­tor­y> This command is used to make a clone for a new repository.
cd repo If you want to change to the repo directory, you can use this command.
git flow init -d It is used to initialize the git-flow.
git push -u origin develop/git pull origin develop In order to push/pull the new desktop branch that was created to the remote repo, you can use this command.
git branch –set-­ups­tream develop origin­/de­velop By using this command, you can track the develop.

Feature Commands:

In the below table, we have stated feature commands and their functions of Git Flow. Please use these commands properly

Commands Function
git remote show origin This command is used to view the output features.
git flow feature pull origin <fe­atu­re> Make use of this command to fully feature your local app.
git flow feature start <fe­atu­ren­ame> Use this command to create a feature.
git flow feature publish <fe­atu­ren­ame> In order to push the feature to the remote repository.


You can use these commands for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Kindly make sure to use commands properly to execute the program.

You will learn a Cheat Sheet for Git Flow. Thanks for reading this article. I hope this article is helpful. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, please mention them in the comment section. 

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