Cheat Sheet for Atlassian JIRA JQL – [A Complete List]

Atlassian JIRA JQL: The term JQL stands for Jira Query Language, and it is basically a text-based search language.  With this, you can use it in Jira to find the issues you’re looking for. It was very useful for the developers, testers, agile, project managers, and business users.

JQL is a powerful tool for getting project data at your fingertips. If you already know SQL, you’ve got it easy because the Atlassian implementation of JQL is very similar. Furthermore, it is the most flexible way to search for issues in Jira.

In this article, you will learn Cheat Sheet for Atlassian JIRA JQL. Use these commands to save your programming time. Let’s get into this article.

Atlassian JIRA JQL
Atlassian JIRA JQL

Last Updated on Mar 1, 2022.

JQL Basics:

In the following table, you will learn JQL basics commands and their functions of  Atlassian JIRA JQL. Please use these commands carefully.

Command Function
AND This command allows you to add qualifiers to a list.
!= Use this command to target one thing.
is in (List, Of, Things) In order to track a bunch of things, you can use this command.
not in (List, of, Things) Use this command to do not include a bunch of things.
-1w It is used to –1d for the day.
“­201­5/3­/15­ By using this command, you can specify the dates.


You can use these commands for both Windows and Mac. Make sure to use these shortcuts properly.

From this article, you will learn a Cheat Sheet for Atlassian JIRA JQL. Thank you for reading this article. I hope this article is helpful!. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, please share with us in the comment section.

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