Bus simulator 18 Keyboard Shortcuts ~ Simple Guide!!

Bus Simulator 18 is a bus driving simulation game. It was developed by Stillalive Studios and published by Astragon Entertainment. This game allows you to experience the job of a bus driver. Here we will see the complete list of Bus Simulator 18 Keyboard shortcuts with brief explanations. Let’s get started!!

Bus simulator 18 Game Logo
Bus Simulator 18 Game Logo

Last updated on Nov 5, 2020.

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Movement and Camera Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
W It is used to forward
S In stationary, it will help to backward
W It helps to accelerate
S This key helps to brake
A It will turn left
D Helps to turn right
This shortcut key will toggle cockpit zoom
It will adjust the camera distance
F1 Used to toggle 1st/ 3rd person
F2 It can toggle action cam
F3 This shortcut key helps to passenger mirror
Left Shift It helps to center the camera
Y This shortcut key look to the left
X It will look to the right
Left Ctrl Helps to toggle cashier mode

Bus Controls Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
^ This shortcut key will toggle all doors
Num 1 or
It selects the first door
Num 2 or 2 This key will select the second door
Num 3 or3 Helps to select the third door
4 It will select the fourth door
5 This shortcut will help to select the fifth door
G It helps to ramp
H This shortcut key will be used for horn
Space It uses a handbrake
Left Alt Helps for the but top brake
Z This shortcut key will toggle the speed limiter
E It will show the right turn signal
q Helps to the left turn signal
P This key helps the parking brake
I It will help to ignition
Num / This key will switch the gear to drive
Num * Used to switch the gear to neutral
Num – It helps to switch the gear to reverse
B Helps to the windshield wiper
U It will toggle the engine
M This key helps to cycle retarder strength
V Helps for kneeling
F This key is used to gear down
R Helps to gear up

Light Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
0 This key helps to cashier lights
9 It will help to passenger lights
8 This shortcut will show the cockpit lights
7 It helps for warning lights
L It shows the main light cycle
K Helps to high beams

Special Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function

This key will help to customization orbit
Esc It will open/close the menu
T This shortcut will toggle the action menu
Esc This key will help to action menu cancel
Tab It shows the button overview
C It will exit the cockpit
End Helps to finish the trip
This key is used to select
It helps to interact
Esc This key will abort
Enter Used to enter the chat
Num 6 It moves the seat backward
Num 8 Helps to lower the seat
Num 5 It helps to move the seat up
Num 9 This key moves the seat forward
1 This shortcut key will return the change (2€)
2 It will return change (1€)
3 Helps to return change (50c)
4 This shortcut key will return change (20c)
5 It is used to return change (10c)
6 Helps to return change (5c)

From this article, you can get to know the keyboard shortcuts for the Bus simulator 18 game. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any doubts/queries, feel free to share it with us.

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