Bitbucket Cloud Keyboard Shortcut Keys – A Simple List!!!

Bitbucket Cloud: It is a web-based version control hosting service by Atlassian. It is similar to GitHub. In September 2016, the company announced it reached 5 million developers and 900.000 teams on its platform. In this tutorial, we will see the list of Bitbucket Cloud Keyboard Shortcut Keys with brief explanations. Let’s get started!!

Bitbucket Cloud Logo
Bitbucket Cloud Logo

Last updated on July 15, 2021.

Download Bitbucket Cloud Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Bitbucket Cloud.pdf

All pages shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
? Helps to display keyboard shortcuts.
[ It is used to expand and collapse left navigation.
/ This key will focus on on-site search.

Most pages shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
. It is used to open the omnibar.
J This key will select the next item.
K Helps to select the previous items.
or O
It will view the selected item.
G then D Use this key to go to your work dashboard.
G then A Helps to go to your Bitbucket settings.
Esc It is used to dismiss dialog or removes focus.
U This key will go back.

Repository pages with sidebar shortcut:

Shortcut Function
] It will expand and collapse the right sidebar.

Repository Source shortcut:

Shortcut Function
F Helps to focus the file filter.

Repository pages 1 shortcut:

Shortcut Function
C then R It is used to create a repository.
I then R Helps to import a repository.
R then S
or R then O
This key will open the repository source.
R then C It will open repository commits.
R then B Helps to open repository branches.
R then P Use this key to open repository pull requests.
R then I It is used to open repository issues.
R then W Helps to open repository wiki.
R then D This key will open repository downloads.
R then A It will open repository settings.
F Helps to search for the file.

Repository pages 2 shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
X then F Use this key for the forked repository.
X then B Helps to create the branch.
X then C It is used to compare branches or tags.
X then P This key will create a pull request.
X then I Helps to create issues.

Pull requests shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl then Enter Use this key to submit a comment.
T then C Helps toggle display of inline comments.
P then D It will switch to the pull request diff tab.
P then C This key will switch to the pull request commits tab.
P then A Helps to switch to the pull request activity tab.
Shift then T It is used to show the list of tasks.

From this article, we explained the simple and useful Bitbucket Cloud Keyboard Shortcut Keys with its explanation. If you have any queries/doubts, leave them in the comment section.

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