Azendoo keyboard shortcut keys ~ Easy Shortcuts!!!

Azendoo: Azendoo is a web-based task management software. It allows its users to collaborate on tasks and share documents. Azendoo is used to syncs all the data and provides a new, interactive take on team task management. In this short article, we have listed the Azendoo keyboard shortcut keys. Make use of it.

Azendoo Logo
Azendoo Logo

Last updated on May 12, 2021.

Download Azendoo Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Azendoo.pdf

Action shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift+T Helps to create a task.
Shift+I This key will open the window to add members to the workspace.
Esc Used to Close the opened task.
Shortcut Function
Alt+T It is used to navigate to a personal task list.
Alt+B Helps to navigate to personal task board.
Alt+C Use this key to navigate to the activity feed.

I hope, this article helped you to know all the Azendoo keyboard shortcut keys. Kindly, drop your suggestions in the below comment section.

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