Asus GPU Tweak II keyboard shortcuts ~ Useful Shortcuts !!

Keyboard Shortcuts for Asus GPU Tweak II:

In this article,  we are going to see the list of keyboard shortcuts for Asus GPU Tweak II. Asus GPU Tweak II is one of the ASUS Graphic Cards. It allows you to monitor and tweak the settings of your ASUS graphics card for optimal performance.

Asus GPU Tweak II Logo
Asus GPU Tweak II Logo

Last updated on Oct 2, 2020.

Main Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Alt+T This shortcut key will show the main window
Ctrl+Alt+N It is used to show monitor window

Tune Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Alt+C Helps to apply OC mode
Ctrl+Alt+G This shortcut will apply gaming mode
Ctrl+Alt+S It is used to apply the silent mode
Ctrl+Alt+U This shortcut used to core clock up
Ctrl+Alt+D Helps to core clock down

In the article, you can know about how to use shortcut keys in Asus GPU Tweak II. If you have any queries from the article leave your feedback in the command section.

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