Articulate Storyline 360 (Player) Keyboard Shortcut Keys!!

Articulate Storyline 360 (Player): It is software for creating interactive courses. It helps to build slide-based lessons that can include audio, video, and interactions. New Storyline projects automatically use the modern player, so all you need to do is choose the features you want to include and customize the settings. From the article, we learn the simple and general List of Articulate Storyline 360 Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Let’s get into this article!!

Articulate Storyline 360 (Player) Logo
Articulate Storyline 360 (Player) Logo

Last updated on July 02, 2021.

Download Articulate Storyline 360 (Player) Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Articulate Storyline 360 (Player).pdf

The Accessible player controls shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Alt+Z Use this key to toggle zoom to fit.
Ctrl+Alt+T Helps to toggle accessible text.
Ctrl+Alt+M It will mute/unmute audio.
Ctrl+Alt+C This key will toggle closed captions.
Ctrl+Alt+R Helps to replay the slide.
Ctrl+Alt+P It is used to play/pause.
Ctrl+Alt+, Use this key for the previous slide.
Ctrl+Alt+. Helps for the next slide.
Ctrl+Alt+S It is used to submit slides.
Shift+? This key will show a list of these keyboard shortcuts.

In the above article, you can easily understand the general List of Articulate Storyline 360 Keyboard Shortcut Keys. I hope, this article is useful to you. If you know more shortcuts, leave them in the below comment section. Don’t forget to share your worthwhile feedback in the comment section. Thank you so much for visiting our site!!

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