Apollo shortcut keys- Full List of Shortcut Keys

Apollo: Apollo is a Flexible audio surface that produces High-Resolution Music Production with Classic Analog Sound. To navigate easily in this there are several shortcut keys, lets us see those Apollo shortcut keys in detail in this article.


Last updated on Sep 23, 2021.

General shortcuts

Shortcut key Function
1 Key to Play previous track in the playlist
Ctrl+1 This key is to Cross-fade to the previous track in the playlist.
2 Shortcut key to stop playback.
Ctrl+2 To fade out and stop playback, use this key.
3 Key to resume/ pause.
4 It is to replay the current track. If the current entry is a random entry, it is re-evaluated and a new track is picked.
Ctrl+4 Similar to the above shortcut key, but the transition is done with a cross-fade.
Ctrl+5 Key to cross-fade to next track in the playlist
5 Shortcut key to play next track in the playlist.
6 Toggle loop mode.
7 Toggle shuffle mode.
8 The Key is to enable/disable the frequency analyzer.
9 This key is to enable/disable oscilloscope.
0 Key to enable/disable visualization plug-ins.

More keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut key Used to
Ctrl+ Raise volume shortcut key.
Ctrl+ To lower the volume using this key.
Ctrl+ This key is to left rewind for five seconds.
Ctrl+ Key to right, fast-forward five seconds.
L To open the file using this key.
Ctrl+L To open the URL using this key.
Shift+L Open directory shortcut key.
Ctrl+Insert To add a URL, use this key.
Shift+Insert Use this key to add a directory.
Ctrl+G Key to generate an HTML document of the current main playlist.
Alt+F3 This key is to Open Explorer in the active directory.
Ctrl+F3 To Open Explorer in the directory of the current track use this key.
Alt+F File menu shortcut key.
Alt+M Miscellaneous menus shortcut key.
Alt+P Playlist menu shortcut key.

General Keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut key Action
O To get options dialog use this key.
Ctrl+P Key to get Plug-ins dialog box.
F1 About dialog box shortcut key.
E To get the Graphic equalizer dialog box, use this key.
P To show/hide playlist in the main window.
F5 Refresh shortcut key.
Ctrl+F5 Use this key to retrieve all playlist information.
Shift+F5 Key to recreate random entry sample space.
Alt+Enter These show the properties of the current track.
Alt+3 This key opens the additional track info for the current track.
Tab Key to Set focus to playlist editor.
+ To switch to the main window from the mini window.
To switch to mini window from the main window, hide into icon tray from the mini window.
Shift+ Use this key to Hide into the icon tray.
Ctrl+Q Key to Quit Apollo.

Playlist Editor Shortcut keys:

shortcut keys Action
Ctrl+A T0 select all entries.
Ctrl+F Find entry shortcut key.
F3 Find again shortcut key.
S Save selected playlist as a shortcut key.
Ctrl+S To save the selected playlist, use this shortcut key.
Shift+S Save the main playlist as a shortcut key.
Delete To delete selected entry use this key
Shift+Delete To drop the selected playlist use this key (moves the playlist up one level).
Ctrl+Shift+Delete This key is to flatten the main playlist (moves all playlists to the top-level).
Ctrl+Delete This key is to clear the main playlist.
Ctrl+R Use this key to randomize the selected playlist.
Ctrl+Shift+R Key to randomize the main playlist.
Alt+Insert Shortcut key to insert new playlist.
Alt+Ctrl+Insert This key is to insert a new playlist and move all selected entries into it.
Ctrl+Shift+Insert To insert a new random entry, use this key.
Alt+Enter It shows the properties of the selected entry.
Alt+Ctrl+Enter This key shows track properties of the selected random entry.
Shift+Enter To mark an entry to be played next, use this key.
Shift+Escape To cancel the next entry selection, use this key.


In this article, we have seen the Apollo shortcut keys in detail. If you know any shortcuts to this, let us know in the comment section, we will update it to you shortly.


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