Airtable keyboard shortcut keys ~ [Easy & Quick shortcuts]

Airtable: Airtable is a cloud collaboration service with a spreadsheet-database hybrid structure. It provides features of a database applied to a spreadsheet. Headquartered in San Francisco, it was founded in 2012. In this article, you will learn all the list of Airtable keyboard shortcut keys.

Airtable Logo
Airtable Logo

Last updated on May 10, 2021.

Download Airtable Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Airtable.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+/ It is used to Show this list in Airtable.
Ctrl+Z Helps to Undo action.
or Ctrl+Shift+Z
This key will Redo action.
Ctrl+P It will Print the current table view or current expanded record (if inside an expanded record).
Ctrl+J Helps to Opens the table switcher in the current base.
Ctrl+K Use this key to Opens the quick base switcher if on the home screen or inside a base.
Ctrl+Shift+K It is used to Opens the view switcher in the current base.
Ctrl+Shift+F Helps to Opens the filter menu in the current view. Press Enter to create a new filter.
Ctrl+Shift+D This key will Open the grouped records menu in the current view. Press Enter to collapse or expand all groups.
Ctrl+Shift+S It will Open the sort menu in the current view. Press Enter to re-apply the most recent sort.
Ctrl+Shift+\ Helps for Toggles blocks.
or Ctrl+G
Use this key to Opens find bar. Use Esc to close the find bar.
Ctrl+; It is used to Sets the selected date/date-time field to now.

Grid view shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+C Helps to Copy a cell or range of cells.
Ctrl+X It is used to Cut a cell or range of cells.
Ctrl+V Use this key to Paste a cell (if you select a range of cells, you can paste the same value into multiple cells at once).
Space It will Expand the active record (use Esc to return to the table).
Shift+Space This key will Expand the active cell (you can then use arrow keys to move to different cells).
Page Up/Down
or Fn+↑ ↓
Helps to Scroll one screen up or down.
Alt+Page Up/Down
or Alt+Fn+↑ ↓
It is used to Scrolls one screen left or right.
Ctrl+←↑→↓ Use this key to Jump to the edge of the table.
Helps to Jump to the edge of the table and select cells.
Shift+←↑→↓ It will Select a range of cells. You can also click while holding Shift to select cells.
Shift+Enter This key will Insert a record below the selected cell.
or F2
Helps to Edit the selected cell.
Alt+ It is used to Duplicate a record or field.
Shortcut Function
Ctrl+↑ ↓ Use this key to Scroll to the edge of the gallery.

Kanban view shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
← → Helps to Scroll kanban board to the left or right by one stack.
Ctrl+← → It is used to Scroll the kanban board to the left or right edge.
Ctrl+↑ ↓ This key will Scroll all stacks to top or bottom.

Expanded record shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
or Ctrl+Shift+>
It is used to move to the previous or next record while viewing an expanded record.
Esc Helps to Close the expanded record.

In this article, you can learn all the list of Airtable keyboard shortcut keys. If you feel this article is useful, leave your feedback/suggestions in the below comment section.

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