{90+} WinSCP Shortcuts For Windows Keyboard – A Complete List!!

WinSCP Keyboard Shortcuts:

WinSCP is a free and Open Source FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The main usage is a secure file transferring across the network. It offers scripting and basic file manager functionality. In this article, we have listed the keyboard Shortcuts for WinSCP, let’s get into this article and learn useful keys.



Last updated on Aug 3, 2020.

Common Panel command:

Shortcut Function
Tab Used to Change Active Panel
Shortcut Function
CTRL+RorF5 Used to Re-read Panel
BackspaceorAlt+ Used to open Parent Directory
CTRL+\ It is Used to Open Root Directory
CTRL+H It will open the Home Directory
ALT+ Helps to Go Back
ALT+ Helps to move forward
ALT+F1 It is Used to open Path Change Menu for the left panel
ALT+F2 Used to open Path Change Menu for the right panel
CTRL+B Used to Bookmark Current Directory
CTRL+OorCTRL+LorALT+D Used to Display Bookmark Window
CTRL+Alt+T Used to Toggle Tree Panel

File Selection Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Insert Used to Select or Deselect the File
+ It is used to Select Group in Numpad
Used to Deselect Group in Numpad
* Invert Selection in Numpad
CTRL+A Used to Select All Files
Shift+CTRL+L Used to Deselect All Files
Shift+CTRL+R Helps to Restore Selection

File Management Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F2 Used to Rename Focused File
F4 Used to Edit Focused File
Shift+F4 Used to Edit or Create New File
CTRL+Alt+F4 Used to Edit Focused File in the Internal Editor
F5orCTRL+K Used to download when a remote panel is active or used to upload when a local panel is active

Selected Files Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift+F5 Duplicate Selected Files in Remote Panel
F6 Download remote panel or Upload local panel Selected Files and Delete the Original File
Shift+F6 Used to Move or Rename the Selected Files in Remote panel
ALT+F6 Used to Add or Edit Link
F7 It will create a New Folder
F8orDel Used to delete selected files
Shift+Del Delete Selected Files
F9orALT+Enter Used to Change Properties of Selected Files
CTRL+V It is Used to Paste Files, Open path from the clipboard, Opens session URL from clipboard

Session Management:

Shortcut Function
Shift+CTRL+DorCTRL+W It is Used to Close Active Session
CTRL+N It will Open a New Session
CTRL+TaborShift+CTRL+Tab Helps to Cycle Opened Sessions
Alt+1 It will switch to the other open session (Alt+2, Alt+3,……..)

Service Commands:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+Alt+B Used for Toggle Synchronized Browsing
CTRL+C Used to Compare Files in Panels
CTRL+P Used to Open Current Session in PuTTY
CTRL+Alt+P It is Used to Open Preferences Dialog
Shift+CTRL+Q Used to Process Queue
CTRL+Alt+R Used to Toggle Automatic Refresh of Remote Directory after the Operation
CTRL+S Used to Synchronize Directories
CTRL+U Used to keep Remote Directory up to date
CTRL+T Used to open the terminal window
F10orAlt+F4 Used to Quit
Alt+F7orF3 Used to Find File
Esc Used to Cancel Reading of Remote Directory

File Panels Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+F3 Used to Sort Files in the Active panel by Name
CTRL+F4 Used to Sort Files in the Active panel by extension
CTRL+F5 Used to Sort Files in the Active panel by Modification Time
CTRL+F6 Used to Sort Files in the Active panel by Size
CTRL+F7 Used to Sort Files in the Active panel by Attributes or Permissions
CTRL+F8 Used to Sort Files in the Active panel by Owner in remote panel
CTRL+F9 Used to Sort Files in the Active panel by a group in remote panel
CTRL+Enter Used to insert names of selected files to a command line
Shift+CTRL+C Used to copy names of selected files to the clipboard
CTRL+Alt+C Used to copy names of selected files including paths to clipboard
CTRL+[ Used to copy the current local path to the clipboard
CTRL+] Used to copy the current remote path to the clipboard
CTRL+Alt+H Used to Toggle hidden and system files displaying
CTRL+Alt+F Used to Filter Files
CTRL+Alt+E Used to open the current directory in Windows explorer
Shift+CTRL+N Used to Show or Focus Command Line
CTRL+Q It is Used to Focus Queue View

In this article, you can understand all the keyboard shortcuts for WinSCP. If you think it is helpful to you, give your feedback in the comment section.

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