{90+} Gmail shortcut keys by using the keyboard ~ An Easy Guide

Gmail: It is one of the most popular online email services developed by Google. We can access Gmail from anywhere by using smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. You can send and receive emails, block spam, create an address book, and perform other basic email tasks. Here, we will guide you to learn the simple and useful Gmail shortcut keys. Let’s step them below!!


Last updated on Feb 4, 2021.

Download Gmail Shortcut keys for Offline Study Here:Gmail.pdf

Compose and chat:

Shortcut Function
P The previous message is shown in open conversation
N It helps to text the next message
Shift+Esc This key mainly used to focus on your main window
Esc To focus the later chat
Ctrl+. It helps to advance the next chat
Ctrl+, The previous chat will be advanced
Ctrl+Enter Used to send 
Ctrl+Shift+C To add a cc recipient
Ctrl+Shift+B Helps to add bcc recipients 
Ctrl+Shift+F It helps to access custom
Ctrl+K Used to insert the link
⌘cmd+; It helps to rectify the misspelled word
Ctrl+M Open the suggested spelling

Formatting Text:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+5  It opens the previous font
Ctrl+Shift+6 It shows the next font
Ctrl+Shift+ To decrease the text size
Ctrl+Shift++ Used to increase the text size
Ctrl+B Helps to bold the statement
Ctrl+I The italic style will open
Ctrl+U For underline use this key
Ctrl+Shift+7 It shows the numbered list
Ctrl+Shift+8 To view the bulleted list
Ctrl+Shift+9 This key helps to Quote
Ctrl+[ Used to indent less
Ctrl+] Helps to indent more
Ctrl+Shift+L To align the left side
Ctrl+Shift+E It helps to align the center
Ctrl+Shift+R It aligns the right  side
Ctrl+/ This used to remove the format


Shortcut Function
, It moves to the toolbar by focusing
X The entire conversation will select
S It helps to rotate among the superstars
E To achieve use this key
M Used to mute your conversation
! By using this key you can report as spam
# It  is used to delete
R Help to reply
Shift+R This helps to reply in a new window
A It replies the entire
Shift+A All the reply opened in a new window
F This key helps to forward 
Shift+F In the new window it forward
Shift+N It shows the updated conversation
] It goes to the previous archive conversation
[ It goes to the next archive conversation
Z Used to undo your last action
Shift+I To mark as read
Shift+U Helps to  mark as unread
_ You can mark the unread from the selected message
+or= The importance marked by this key
It also marks the not important
; The entire conversation will expand
: It collapses the entire conversation
Shift+T You can add conversation to tasks


Shortcut Function
H+M It shows the menu table
H+A This key used to show the archived hangouts
H+I Used to show the Hangout Requests
H+C The entire conversation list will be focused
G+P or H+P It is an open phone


Shortcut Function
G+I Goes to the inbox
G+S It will go to the started conversation
G+T We can use this shortcut to see the sent message
G+D It goes to the draft
G+A The key went to all mail
G+C It opens the contacts
G+K This key used to go to the task
G+L It goes to the label

Thread list selection:

Shortcut Function
*+A The entire conversation will be selected
*+N To deselect the entire conversation
*+R It helps to select the read conversation
*+U This helps to select the unread conversation
*+S To select the started conversation
*+T To select the unstated conversation
Shortcut Function
U Back to the Thread list
K For new conversation use this key
J It opens the older conversation
O or Enter To open the conversation
Helps to select the next inbox section
~ Used to select the previous inbox section


Shortcut Function
C It helps to compose
Ctrl+Shift+D To discard your currently composed email
D In a new tab, it is composed
/ To search your mail
G The entire chat conversation will be selected
. It opens the more actions menu
V It moves to the menu
L This key helps to open the label as a menu
? IT is used to Opens all keyboard shortcuts 

Here, we have described the list of shortcut keys available for Gmail. Hope you like it. If you know more shortcuts, then share them with us. Thank you!!

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